Load Break Switch (LBS)

Electrical overhead corporation customer buy recommendation to load break switch, we are manufacturers and suppliers of load break switch, lbs panel in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Electrical overhead corporation are offers one of the leading company of LBS, Load Break Switch, LBS Panel Load Break Switch panel, LBS Metering panel and LBS Switching Panel with indoor and outdoor facility in ahmedabad, gujarat. india.
We are manufactures of tamper proof load break switch panel with the suitable rating. load break switch are available in different volts, size and specification at affordable price with high quality raw material in ahmedabad, gujarat, india.

Our Load Brake Switch (LBS) designed specifically for industrial applications in India. This high-quality switch ensures precise control and efficient braking, offering optimal protection for your electrical equipment. Built to withstand heavy loads and demanding environments, our Load Brake Switch (LBS) is the ideal choice for various industries in India. Benefit from smooth operations, increased productivity, and minimized downtime. With its robust construction and advanced technology, this reliable switch guarantees long-lasting performance. Invest in the safety and reliability of your operations in India with our Load Brake Switch (LBS).

Why Buy Our Load Break Switch

Electrical overhead corporation establish by Vyas group of company in 1972. We help to our customer buy high quality raw material load break switch, lbs, LBS Metering panel and LBS Switching Panel since last 1972 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, india. We manufacture load break switch with high quality raw material, Our Technical team build load break switch with confidence and latest technology at our factory located in Sonal Industrial estate, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, We provide the persistent delivery of supercilious technical team support while at the same time providing switchgear industry leading customer fulfilment with our load break switch in Gujarat

Features Of Load Break Switch

Load Break Switch Panel


  • Load Break Switch 630A, 26.3KA. IS 9920/IEC 60265
  • HT HRC Fuses of Suitable Rating
  • The Insulation Level is 12/28/85 KV
  • Auxiliary Switch In Built
  • Earth and Fuse Trip in Built
  • Shunt Trip Coin in Built
  • Tamper Proof


IS3427/1997 RA2007 IEC62271-100/2001

  • Load Break Switch 630A.26.3KA
  • HT HRC Fuses of Suitable Rating (Access to The HT Fuse Chamber is Possible Only After Switching Off The LBS)
  • The Instrumental Current Transformer (Resin Cast) CL : 0.5 Confirms to IS : 2705. The Insulation Level IS 15/35/95KV.
  • The Potential Transformer (Resin Cast) CI : 0.5 Confirms to IS : 3156. The Insulation Level IS 15/35/95KV.
  • The Electronic Trivector Meter CL 0.5
  • The Terminal Block 3ph.3wire Front Connection
  • Sealing Facility Provided as Per EB Rules
  • Tamper Proof

Advantage of Load Break Switch (LBS Panel)

(Indoor as well as outdoor versions availale)

  • LBS panels are mounted in metal clad enclosure. No exposure to sun and rain no corrosion
  • No rusting
  • Immune to atmospheric conditions
  • No cable or conductor joints. Complete bus bar system
  • Manual or Motorized operation
  • Trip mechanism with back-up HRC fuse
  • Elegant Panel
  • Compact in construction. No land wastage
  • Zero maintenance