ACSR Conductor and AAAC Conductor

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Why Buy Our ACSR Conductor

Electrical overhead corporation is a key name of acsr conductor or aaac conductor manufacture, suppliers, dealers, traders, exporter and distributor in Gujarat, Our conductor is a particular type of quality cable that comprise of steel core crumble by aluminium. So we can see its structure is very simple. If you need acsr conductor or aaac conductor, feel free contact us, and we will supply more information about it.

Even if there are lot of acsr conductor electrical overhead corporation suppliers in the Gujarat, India,. electrical overhead corporation is one of the biggest overhead pure conductor manufacturers in Gujarat, India, So we produce acsr conductor in india, Which with the high quality aluminium raw material. What’s more, every production process has been research by our executive technical engineers.

Features Of ACSR Conductor

AAAC Conductor In Gujarat

Aluminum conductor steel reinforced have been widely used in power transmission lines with various voltage levels

  • Reduced drag characteristics
  • Low wind and ice loading parameters
  • Good conductivity of aluminium
  • High tensile strength and ruggedness of steel
  • Filled with steel material inside
  • Applicable for overhead earth wires
  • manufactured with different tensile strengths
  • Best of two materials aluminum and steel.
  • Aluminum fibers that surround a stainless steel core
  • Structure is plane
  • Excellent performance
  • These are long-lived
  • They provide a great deal of flexibility