Earthing Electrode in India

Electrical Overhead Corporation are manufacturer, dealers, suppliers and traders of earthing electrode in India, maintenance free earthing electrode in Gujarat. We manufacture earthing electrode with high quality raw material with long life of earthing electrode products, Our production team boost earthing electrode with confidence and latest technology at our factory located in Sonal Industrial estate, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, We provide the persistent delivery of supercilious technical team support while at the same time providing earthing industry leading customer fulfilment with our eathing electrode in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Our cutting-edge Earthing Electrode, the ultimate solution for enhanced safety in India. This high-quality product ensures optimal electrical grounding, protecting you and your loved ones from potential hazards. With advanced technology and a state-of-the-art design, our Earthing Electrode guarantees reliable and efficient grounding, promoting smooth electrical flow. Easy to install and built to last, this cost-effective investment minimizes downtime and maintenance costs. Compliant with industry standards and resistant to corrosion, our Earthing Electrode offers long-lasting performance even in extreme conditions. Don't compromise on safety—choose our Earthing Electrode in India today and experience worry-free living. Secure your premises with the best in the country. Order now and invest in safety and peace of mind!

Why Buy Our Earthing Electrode

Electrical overhead corporation establish by Vyas group of company in 1972. We are one of best hub of earthing electrode and maintenance free earthing electrode with high quality raw material of earthing electrode products in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, india, we are comprehensive range of earthing products appropriate earthing electrode, maintenance free earthing electrode, earthing cover, earthing wire, gi earthing plate, gi earthig pipe, gi earthing stip, gel earthing, chemical earthing in Gujarat, India


To eliminate electrostatic discharge to save sensitive equipments and to avoid disturbance in Power supply by providing effective earthing- The most important aspect in electrical industry.


Earthing electode is easily installed with less space required as compared to conventional earthing and yet has a longer life. Earthing powder which surrounds earthing electrode is hygroscopic and conductive which helps the longer period of effective earthing. Earthing powder has the quality of absorbing and retaining moisture contents for a very long period. Very low resistance value ensures safe and sound earthing.


Hot dipped galvanized strip in G. I. Pipe where G. I. Strip is primary and G. I. Pipe is outer and Secondary electrode. G. I. Strip helps smooth flow of current. The space between G. I. strip and G. I. pipe is filled with the powder which has conductive and non - corrosive elements which helps longer life of electrode. Earthing terminal is provided directly with primary electrode of G. I. strip which ensures proper earthing. Strip earthing is bettertLan pipe earthing or plate earthing. We have benefits of both strip earthing and pipe earthing

  • Easy Installation
  • Maintenance Free earthing electrode
  • Long Life
  • Effective Earthing

Earthing Electrode Available Range In India

Diameter : 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm

Length : 1mtr, 2mtr, 3mtr

Code G.I. Pipe O.D & Length Approx Flate Size In M. M Pipe Thickness Total Weight Approx Cross Sectional Primary Conducting Area In Sq. M. M Surface Area In M. M For 3 Mtrs. Suggested Load Approx
N-502 50mm X 2Mtr. 32 X 10 3 mm 15 Kg. 320 3,80,000 100 KVA
N-503 50mm X 3Mtr. 32 X 10 3 mm 22 Kg. 320 3,80,000 250 KVA
N-802 80mm X 2Mtr. 50 X 10 3 mm 24 Kg. 500 5,60,000 500 KVA
N-803 80mm X 3Mtr. 50 X 10 3 mm 35 Kg. 500 5,60,000 1000 KVA